We are into sales of clean and salvage cars to various car dealers and individual users. Our sales and marketing team will ensure you are well and adequately attended to always.

At Ziman Trust International Limited, we deal with all the documentation associated with your international freight and import and provide customs clearance services, clearing and forwarding in Nigeria, delivering your imports on request.

Carefully Chosen

Millions of cars are ruled out by our vetting process, and we never sell cars with flood damage, frame damage.

Your Perfect Match

With 50,000 CarMax Quality Certified cars to choose from, there’s a perfect match for your budget and life

Why Us, Why Ziman Trust?

  • 125+ Details We Inspect

    Anything that doesn’t meet our standards is repaired or replaced by our highly trained technicians.

  • Ziman Trust Certified Quality

    We spend an average of 15 hours replacing parts, fixing major dents or scratches, and detailing to make your car feel like new. Then we give each car a final quality check.

  • Customized Support

    Whether you know everything or nothing about car buying, we’re here to help your way, whatever way that might be.

  • Expert Services

    We employ over 1,750 ASE-certified mechanics to service our cars — before and after a sale.

  • No Haggling or Pressure

    Our associates are paid the same regardless of a car’s price, so we only work to find the best car for you.

We’ve got your back always…

Here is how:

  • Comprehensive Coverage – Plans cover all parts of a car except the named exclusions.
  • Flexible Plan – Flexible options let you choose the deductible and mileage that’s right for you.
  • Upfront and Fair – Your deductible is per visit, not per repair. MaxCare® pays the participating service center directly..
  • Affordable Ownership -Purchase upfront or include the cost in your monthly car payment.