Ziman Trust International Limited is an Automobile Company with corporate headquarters in the ancient city of Kano – Kano State Nigeria. We have a subsidiary company; Ziman Motors and Parts in Kaduna State, Nigeria. The company was incorporated as a Limited Liability Company by the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria in 2017 with registration number RC: 1445103.

Interestingly, the company was founded with the sole aim of Car: Sales, Importation, Clearing, Bidding, Towing & Shipping of cars from USA to West African Countries such as Nigeria, Cotonou – Benin and Lome – Togo. It became an emerging dynamic general business company with footprints in export, import and shipping of cargoes from all destinations.

At Ziman Trust International, we offer a wide range of car related services ranging from Shipping, Bidding, Towing, Clearing, Sales, Logistics and more.

In all, Ziman Trust has been able to expand its tent to other parts of Nigeria. Other than it’s corporate head office, Ziman Trust has Annex Offices in Kanduna and Katsina States

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